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Namibian Safari - All information about your tour in Namibia

Here we provide an overview of important aspects concerning your Safari in our wonderful country Namibia.

About Namibian-Safari.com

At Namibian Safari's the team is young and dynamic with more than 16 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry in Namibia.  Passionate as we are about Namibia and this industry, we also own and operator a Guest house in Windhoek and we also own and operate Okavango Car Hire in Windhoek, one of the best known and reputable car rental companies, renowned for quality cars, great value, and excellent service. 

About Us

What is included in our Namibian Safari packages

Here is an overview of everything that is included in our Namibian safari packages. Should you have any questions or would like to add extras such as flights, excursions, sightseeing, a satellite telephone or customized insurance, etc. please feel free to contact us.

What's included?

4x4 Vehicles for hire - Self drive tours of Namibia

When you choose one of our self drive tour packages we include the car rental in the cost of the tour package. We will tailor a package just for you, according to your requirements and the attractions you would like to see on your travels.

4x4 Vehicles for hire

Driving Safety in Namibia

This article provides an overview about Driving Safety in Namibia. Indeed there have been a high number of road accidents involving European visitors, some of them fatal. Learn everything you need to know about driving in Namibia!

Driving Safety

Frequently Asked Questions - Namibia Safaris and Tours

Frequently Asked Questions about off-road-driving, driving at night, drivers licences for Namibia, accidents, cross-border travels and so on.



"This is just a message to thank you for your excellent services. Our trip went fine and the accommodation at your guest house was great. Also, I wanted to thank you for guarding/handing over the documents which I originally left behind at your place. Without them it would have been very difficult for us to recover our car at Munich airport. Everyone we know is eager to hear our experience from the trip and we too are already thinking about coming back. So most probably you will hear from us again soon."
Jiri, Germany
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