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14 Day Guided self drive expedition into the Kaokoland

The 14 day  tour to the Kaokoland is a guided self-drive expedition that will everlasting impressions. The tour will take you to barren inaccessible region with lots of mystique and scenic beauty. You will meet the nomadic Himba people and will get to know their fascinating culture.

More highlights of the tour are the beautiful Kunene River including the wonderful Epupa Falls, the Marienfluss area with its "fairy circles" and the open plains of the "Hartmansvlakte", the desert adapted elephants around Purros and Palwag and the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein. 

Background: The Kaokoland is one of the last remaining wilderness areas … a barren inaccessible region with lots of mystique, scenic beauty and the nomadic Himba culture. The latter still live according to ancient traditions. The Kaokoland is also the home of the famous desert elephant, lion and giraffe that have adapted through time to survive in these conditions. The northern section of this region borders the Kunene River, the natural boundary between Namibia and Angola. Awesome scenes of beautiful waterfalls, palm trees, rugged mountains and dune landscapes are to be found along this river belt. The highlights of the interior include the vast expand of the Marienfluss with the mysterious “fairy circles” and the open plains of the “Hartmansvlakte” where herds of Springbok roam.You will not leave the Kaokoland untouched…. it leaves everlasting impressions. We are not just driving through this wilderness area, but promise to take you places fewhave visited before you. This will be a tour of a lifetime.


This tour is going to be an expedition. The itinerary serves as an indication of the route, but due to road conditions and unforeseen circumstances, the day-to-day program +may be adjusted.

Day 1: From Windhoek to the North (Nakambale Museum)

After meeting in Windhoek we travel in convoy north on tar road past Tsumeb and Otjikoto lake to Ovamboland. Overnight at Nakambale Museum, and have the opportunity to have a closer look at the history & traditions of the Ovambo tribe.

O/N Campsite (3 meals)

Day 2: Via Ruacana to the Kunene River 

Today we will travel to Ruacana. This is also the last opportunity to refuel your vehicle and fill up your jerry cans. We will proceed from there to the Kunene River Lodge. It is a beautiful drive running parallel with the Cunene River. The Kunene River Lodge is situated on the river bank under shady trees. Set-up camp and enjoy this peaceful environment.

O/N Camping Kunene River Lodge (3 meals) (hot showers and toilets)

Day 3–4: Epupa Falls

Today we continue further South west around the Zebra mountains to Epupa falls, This is in the hart of the Himba land. Arrive late afternoon at Epupa … a wonderful sight awaits you. Here the waters of the Cunene plunge to 60 meters below at the main stream with the river splitting up in hundreds of small waterfalls … a sight you will never forget. We will Set-up camp at Epupa community campsite. Here you will also get closer acquainted with the Himbas and learn about their ancient culture.

O/N: Community Camp (3 meals) (showers and toilets)

Day 5: The capital of the Kaokoland

After breakfast we departure for Opuwo, also know as the capital of Kaokoland. Here we will restock on food and drinks, and refill on fuel for the rest of our journey trough the wilderness. The rest of the afternoon will be spend at leisure at the Opuwo Country Lodge. Dinner will be a Restaurant buffet at the lodge

O/N: Camping Opuwo Country Lodge (3 meals) (showers and toilets)

Day 6: Red Drum

Travel west, for the next day we will explore the one of the last wilderness area of Namibia, off the beaten track Driving past small Himba settlements the road becomes smaller and smaller till only a 2 track. Our next point to visit is Red drum, only a old fuel drum mark red to indicate as a beacon in this vast remote land. Other navigation points are orange blue and green drum. Welcome to the Wild Spaces of Africa

O/N Bush Camp (3 meals) No facilities – camp shower

Day 8: Hartmansvalley

Today we explore the beautiful landscape to the north. We will travel to the border of the Skeleton Coast Park, drive through wide-open plains, crossing sand dunes and granite “koppies”. Fantastic 4x4 route Our overnight stop will be close to the Skeleton Coast Park in the Hartmansvallei amongst the sand dunes. This part of the land will be one of the highlights in your life.

O/N Bush Camp (3 meals) No facilities – camp shower

Day 9: Orupembe

OrupembeToday we head south through a dune landscape en route to the rugged Kaokoland.We are entering the domain of the desert elephant. Be on the lookout for these Elephants that have adapted over time to survive in these harsh conditions. These Desert elephants are one of a group of only two desert dwelling elephants found inthe world … the other in Mali.

O/N Bush Camp near Orupembe (3 meals) No facilities – camp shower

Day 10-11: Purros and the Hoarusib River

Puros Today we will follow the dry riverbed of the Khumib River. We will cross over to the Hoariseb River with a good chance of spotting the desert elephants. You will notice the body mass of these elephants are lesser while their feet are bigger than the rest of their species that live in better conditions elsewhere in Africa. You can also be on the lookout for black rhino and lion. Our overnight stop is Puros where we will spend two nights – this is to allow us to go in search of the elephants, rhino and lion.

O/N: Bush Camp at Puros (3 meals) Basic camp facilities – cold shower and long drops

Day 12: From Purros to the Ongongo waterfall

Fort Sesfontein From Puros we travel south east through the endless Giribes plain, roaming place of Springbok & Oryx gazelle. Sesfontein is an old German fort more than 100 years old, and here we will stop for Lunch in the restaurante and to cool of in the Swimming pool. We will camp tonight at Ongongo water fall, a crystal clear spring where we can soak our weary bodies from this long desert journey.

(3 meals) Basic facilities – camp shower

Day 13: Twyfelfontein rock engravings

Back to civilization, we drive on gravel roads south toward Twyfelfontein. Go on an Afternoon hike in the mountain with Local guides, they will show you the ancient rock engravings of the Bushman (Koi- SAN).

O/N Camping at Abba Huab (3 meals) Shower and toilets

Day 14: Back to Windhoek

End of Tour Direction Windhoek, but we still have a drive ahead of us through the beautiful Damaraland, passing Brandberg 2570m, the highest mountain in Namibia, and then south to Spitzkoppe also known as the Matterhorn of Africa, a beautiful granite rock shooting up in the blue sky.

Windhoek arrival late afternoon.

Rates of the 14 Day Guided self drive expedition into the Kaokoland

  • N$ 8 700-00 per person min 10 per person
  • N$10 000-00 per person min 8 per person
  • N$12 000-00 per person min 6 per person
  • N$16 700-00 per person min 4 per person

Included in the Kaokoland Expedition

  • 3 Meals daily,
  • Experienced guides in own vehicles,
  • Two-way radios for all vehicles,
  • Camping fees,
  • Concession fees,
  • Entrance fees.

Excluded in the Kaokoland Expedition

  • Client Safari Vehicle,
  • Fuel & Camping gear,
  • Travel Insurance and Vehicle insurance,
  • Drinks and things of a personal nature.


To optimise your experience the number of participants will be limited. Bookings are essential.