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14 Day Guided Angola Self Drive Tour

This self-drive Angola expedition takes you from Namibia’s capital Windhoek to some of the touristic highlights of Angola. The beautiful beaches at the Atlantic ocean of Angola, the magnificent rain forests and Angolan highlands are waiting for us!

It is going to be a 14 day expedition with a portion of adventure, but due to the conditions of the Angolan roads the tour plan below will serve only as a reference as progress and can be slower or faster at times.

Day 1: Northern Namibia

We will leave Windhoek early in the morning, each vehicle will receive 2 crates to carry for the duration of the trip. We will drive north to Owamboland, here we will overnight in the Ondangwa region. Nakumbale camp is an old Mission station from the 1900’s and is now developed as a museum. Here we will be able to learn more about the history of the Ovambo people and their culture. Camping at Nakumbale camp with Dinner.

  • Day 1 Ondangwa Nakumbale Camp

Day 2- 3: Lubango tourist attractions

Today is set out only for crossing the border at Calueque, this is a very time consuming and frustrating process and your patience and co-operation will be appreciated. What is very important to have ready and in order for the border crossing is a Valid VISA, and a certificate for the immunization of Yellow Fever. After crossing the border we will travel north over the Kunene to Cahama through the bushes. From here we will travel on the brand new Angolan Autobahn to Lubango.

In Lubango we visit all the tourist attractions like the Christo Rei Beeld and the beautiful Leba pass, Humpatha, old Dorsland Fort in Angola. Dinner in a restaurant for clients own account.

  • Day 2 - Bushcamp
  • Day 3 - Palanca Negra Lodge(Lodging optional)

Day 4-5: Namibe and the coast of Angola

Today we will get the chance to drive down the Laba pass with is hairpin turns, this is a fantastic experience, the landscape changes fast from tropical to desert as we come closer to the coast of Angola. Here we will stay for 2 nights on the beach. The sea water here is clean and clear for diving. (remember to pack diving glasses)

  • Day 4-5: Beach North of Namibe

Day 6-8: The romantic beaches of Angola

Today we follow the coast line to Benguela and Lobito, we will sleep over along the way before we reach these 2 beautiful cities of Angola.

Here we will sleep on the beach for two nights and travel to the cities during the day. Benguela is the oldest of the 2 cities, with beautiful colonial buildings and an old slave fort which is now used as a Museum.

Lobito is a romantic bay town with a Cape Peninsula which goes into the sea. On the point of the Peninsula there are beautiful restaurant and here you can enjoy seafood (for clients own account). There are also shopping centers like Shoprite where you can do shopping.

  • Day 6: Bushcamp
  • Day 7-8: Beach South of Benguela

Day 9-10: Rainforests of Angola 

Today we turn east inland to the city of Huambo. Before we reach the city we have to travel up with the high lands and against the cliffs of this plateau the most beautiful rainforests of Angola can be seen. We will stop for you to view this beautiful scenery.

Huambo was Savimbi, the leader of the rebel group Unita’s Capital. And here you can still see the signs of the 30 year civil war in Angola, but this is changing fast. Angola is rich in natural resources like oil and because of this many western and eastern investors are investing to help rebuild and develop Angola. Literally everything has to be rebuild and develop from the ground and the changes can be seen from year to year. This area is known as "The bread basket of Africa“, because this land with all its natural resources has the potential to be the richest country in Africa.

  • Day 9: Bushcamp
  • Dag 10: Huambo Bushcamp

Day 11-12: Menongue and Kavango River

It is time to start traveling south and we begin to follow the Kavango River back to Namibia.

This was also the route traveled by Jan Breytenbacht in 1975 when South Africa first invaded Angola. In this area you will still see many sign or the Civil war like wrecks of tanks, etc.

We will spend the night in the vicinity of the town Menongue. In Menongue we will visit the HALO Trust. Their mission is to disarm and remove the landmines still left in Angola after the Civil War and you will have the oportunity to view how many landmines there still are in the South of Angola on their maps of the area. There is no danger to us as we only follow the safe routes as set out by Halo and do not enter the danger areas. For there we will travel along the banks of the Kavango River south and on the banks of the Kavango River or in the bush.

  • Day 11: North of Menongue Bushcamp
  • Day 12: before the boarder next to Kavango river

Day 13: From Angola to Namibia

Today is the last strrch to the border at Katwitwi, and this is here were our tour of Angola will come to an end. From here we will drive west for about 200km to Rundu, then continue to travel to Grootfontein where we will spend the night on a Guest Farm. Restaurant dinner for clients own account.

  • Day 13: Grootfontein Guest Farm

Day 14: Back to Windhoek

Today we will travel through the beautiful valley of Otavi and further south to Okahandja where clients can visit the Craft Market for memorabilia and gifts to take home. The tour official ends in Windhoek.

Price of the 14 Day Guided Angola Tour

N$ 7600 pp min 10 pax

N$ 8850 pp min 8 pax

N$10900pp min 6 pax

N$15000pp min 4 pax

Included in this Angola Safari:

  • 3 meals per day
  • Warm showers and chemical toilets in the evenings
  • 2 guides and guide vehicle

Excluded in this Angola Safari:

  • Visa costs +-N$1000 per person
  • Vehicle/Road Tax +- N$400 per vehicle
  • Invitation letter form Angola (arranged by us) N$ 400-00 per letter.
  • Medical and personal insurance
  • Client safari vehicle, camping equipment, Fuel
  • Personal items – please see what to pack

Please note that this is a camping tour but there will be places along the route with Lodge/Hotel accommodation and if the clients prefer to lodge/hotel in these places it can be arranged. Please note that Lodge/Hotel accommodation and restaurant meals are for the clients own account.

Angola does not yet have their infrastructure and facilities for tourist on standard so camp sites are very scares thus providing for oneself is very important. Therefore we always look for nice and practical places to camp in the bush or on the beaches. This tour is going to be an expedition, we are crossing a vast part of Angola and therefore the itinerary serves as an indication of the route, but due to road conditions and unforeseen circumstances, the day-to-day program may be adjusted.

Additional Information about this Angola Safari

Clients will have to take two crates per vehicle for the trip


  • Passport:
  • Everyone in the vehicle (children as well) must have a valid passport.
  • Passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the entry date in to Angola.
  • Please ensure that there are enough empty pages left in your passport for the boarder stamps
  • All Nationalities must have a VISA to enter Angola. The Visa application must be completed and handed in at least one month before the departure date of the Tour.
  • An invitation letter from Angola is needed to obtain a VISA this will be arranged and send to you by us.
  • Insurance:
  • Travel insurance and Medical insurance must taken to enter Angola.


  • Please take the necessary precautions against Malaria.
  • YELLOW FEVER immunization certificate is a must to enter Angola

International Drivers License:

  • An international driver license is not a must but it is always better to have one.

At the Border Posts:

  • At the Border Posts the service is normally very friendly, professional and organized.
  • * Please make sure that you visit the immigration desk and the customs desk at all the border posts, otherwise you will be asked to return to the posts when trying to pass through the boarder gate.
  • * Please ensure that you receive all the documentation, receipts and that the details on the documentation is correct e.g. name, dates, stamps, etc.

The Vehicle

  • * All necessary documents from Okavango Car Hire to cross the border into Angola will be provided*.
  • * Please note that a cash payment of N$ 160-00 will be requested form you at the border post for a road usage fee.
  • * Road tax will be N$ 450-00

Currency and Credit cards

  • The Namibian Dollar and the South African Rand are both accepted in Namibia and no exchange rate is applicable. In Angola only US Dollar and South African Rand can be changed at the Banks. Credit cards are not widely accepted in Angola.

What to pack

  • Jan to April is the rainy season in Namibia and Angola – so come prepared
  • * Winter and summer clothes as it can be warm and cold. Remember a jacket or windbreaker, comfortable shoes and swim wear.
  • * Toiletries, toilet paper and towels. Any electrical items must be charged full or you need to make arrangement for 12 volt lighter chargers to recharge them as not electricity is available on this trip. Also bring extra batteries.
  • * Snack and drinks for in between meals
  • * Equipment: flash light with extra batteries, camera and binoculars
  • * Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats
  • * Camping equipment to be provided by Okavango Car Hire with the rented vehicle
  • * Prescription medicine (enough) and insect/mosquito repellant.